S1E5 - Hiatus and a Hangover

Baseball, strip clubs, personal problems, and fun

1 year ago

baseball and hockey

jeopardy 15m

Syndicated TV 18m

back to baseball 23m

random stuff 24m

college cities and dive bars 26m

shower bidet combo/booji 30m

new york news 33m

money saving and biased news 35m

vitamin d 37m

new age remedies 40m

working out 43m

seasonal affective disorder 44m

guns and trucks and cars 46m

kars 4 kids and regional sports networks 49m

streaming services 53m

proseltyzing 58m

roller skates 1h2m

moving 1h5m

ballparks 1h7m

strip clubs 1h9mEpisode Notes

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