S1E7 - Snow White and the Seven Thieves

Own up to your mistakes

1 year ago

0:00 Intro

04:00 NHL Playoffs and funny names

08:00 Emilio Estevez

10:00 Baseball tidbits

14:00 Sake to me

15:00 Our dogs in the middle of our couch

17:00 Cuomodibozo

19:00 Charleston traffic

20:00 Eat a bag of Dick's

22:00 Human poop

26:00 Piss wars

30:00 Kids and mirrors

34:00 Bankers coming back to NY

37:03 Good careers

38:00 The Disney prison story

50:00 Rays Yankees update, Trop rules

53:00 It's hot in America's penis, dog routines

56:00 What kind of sushi?

58:00 What kind of liquor?

1:00:00 Groupons

1:02:00 Movie theaters

1:04:00 Savannah

1:07:00 Oysters are snot

1:10:00 Sea Urchins and strip clubs

1:16:00 Fantasy fest

1:18:00 Baseball and wrap up

Episode Notes

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