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S1E14 - Peecon

S1E13 - Painful Experience

We're back from some soul searching.

Welcome back to the worst podcast in the universe featuring two morons that bitch about stuff. Since this is our first show back it's not super coherent, but it's nice to get on the mic again regardless. We touch on the shitty Big Easy, some baseball trade news, some Pelosi news, and green necklace rings around non showering people.

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S1E12 - Air Traffic Control

Let our voices soothe you.

Waste of Space episode 12: Air Traffic Control

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Opening track - "She Collects Marbles" Closing track - "Blue Dot"

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S1E11 - Hurricane Chili

Pardon our clemency.

We have a bar conversation in a stream of consciousness style. Anything from clemency to movies, to jellybeans.

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Opening track: "A Bat has Wings but is not a Bird"

Closing track: "And the Androids Lived Happily Ever After"

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S1E10 - Librarianism

10th Episode Extravaganza, a walk back through the history of the show

We look back on great times.

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Opening Track : Dexter Slide Closing Track : Generator

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S1E9 - Aerodynamic Waddle

Speedwalking for days!

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This episode we talk about olympic speedwalking and it all devolves from there. It's good to be back.

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S1E8 - Spaghetti and Meatballs

Spaghetti and Meatballs every Sunday

- 0 Intro

- 3:00 Baseball updates and chitchat

- 7:30 Vax talk

- 9:00 Hockey talk

- 10:30 Cuomosexual

- 15:00 Summer of love

- 17:00 Royal pain

- 19:30 Self help

- 23:30 Which are bigger, covid particles or fart particles?

- 24:30 Bidet, mate

- 28:00 We got gas

- 30:00 Columbus day

- 35:00 Iron home

- 37:00 Election tips

- 41:00 We're not important

- 45:00 Challenge accepted

- 50:00 Homeless update

- 56:00 Upward lifting dog

- 58:00 the shift

- 59:00 Great, it's pizza night

- 1:03:00 Breaking trade news

  • 1:06:00 Let's end it

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S1E7 - Snow White and the Seven Thieves

Own up to your mistakes

0:00 Intro

04:00 NHL Playoffs and funny names

08:00 Emilio Estevez

10:00 Baseball tidbits

14:00 Sake to me

15:00 Our dogs in the middle of our couch

17:00 Cuomodibozo

19:00 Charleston traffic

20:00 Eat a bag of Dick's

22:00 Human poop

26:00 Piss wars

30:00 Kids and mirrors

34:00 Bankers coming back to NY

37:03 Good careers

38:00 The Disney prison story

50:00 Rays Yankees update, Trop rules

53:00 It's hot in America's penis, dog routines

56:00 What kind of sushi?

58:00 What kind of liquor?

1:00:00 Groupons

1:02:00 Movie theaters

1:04:00 Savannah

1:07:00 Oysters are snot

1:10:00 Sea Urchins and strip clubs

1:16:00 Fantasy fest

1:18:00 Baseball and wrap up

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S1E6 - Draft Day

What's your pick?

  • 3:15 Draft talk
  • 7:00 Sherlock Holmes
  • 09:00 TV talk
  • 17:30 Amy Adams and Jenna Fischer the same person?
  • 19:00 What the hell are the Oscars? Screw that, NCIS.
  • 23:00 DC sucks
  • 25:00 Odd attractions
  • 27:00 More draft talk
  • 30:00 Announcing
  • 35:00 Stadiums
  • 39:00 What do you watch when you're old?
  • 42:00 Helping by yelping
  • 48:00 Oh yeah, did we mention the draft?
  • 52:00 Ditch Disney
  • 57:00 Being picky
  • 1:00:00 Fuck the NBA
  • 1:07:00 No offense
  • 1:11:00 Stadium drama
  • 1:20:00 Oscar wrap that shit up

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S1E5 - Hiatus and a Hangover

Baseball, strip clubs, personal problems, and fun

baseball and hockey

jeopardy 15m

Syndicated TV 18m

back to baseball 23m

random stuff 24m

college cities and dive bars 26m

shower bidet combo/booji 30m

new york news 33m

money saving and biased news 35m

vitamin d 37m

new age remedies 40m

working out 43m

seasonal affective disorder 44m

guns and trucks and cars 46m

kars 4 kids and regional sports networks 49m

streaming services 53m

proseltyzing 58m

roller skates 1h2m

moving 1h5m

ballparks 1h7m

strip clubs 1h9mEpisode Notes

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S1E4 - We're Talkin' Baseball

Techwipe and the Cynic give a totally unbiased preview of the 2021 MLB season

Episode Notes

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